Bangers and Mash

Tourist – Tonight

The blog life is about picking up on musical buzz words. What names consistently show up on playlists? Who’s scheduled to DJ at the local watering hole? Who runs circles around established acts?

Brit-DJ, Tourist, checks all of these boxes. Thatbeatjuice just featured his recent collaboration with Aftermath legend, Josef Salvat. He’s playing at The Independent in San Francisco on 4/19.  And he’s an absolute musical deviant – creating what he calls “sad dance music.”

Trappy, sappy and heady as a smoke shop on Haight Street, Tourist will inevitably blow up. Get on him early.

“I can do what I want, nobody has any expectations of what my sound is. There’s something dangerous about getting big because you make your success on certain defining records. Early on you can be risky and I always want to be risky.” (Interview with Billboard Music).

Chayed Out, Jamboys

Chasing Grace

Channelling Phillip Phillips & The Lumineers, Chasing Grace is a talented quartet out of Watford, England that brings a more feminine and buoyant sound to a rapidly growing pop-folk genre.

Keep an eye on them.