A funky foursome from a dorm room in Ohio, Sports are the hot ticket in dream pop.


Catching fire since the release of Naked All the Time in 2015, this crew has emerged as a quiet contender for titles in punk, pop, and funk.


“The Zone”

After shooting for two years, Jack Coleman recently released, “The Zone” a 55 minute surf film dedicated to exploring an alternate surf dimension.

I was drawn to the film because of Ryan Burch (pictured) and Bryce Young. They’re both young Australian shapers and surfers who take to technicolor twin fins and asymmetrical shapes to reinvigorate the cutback. They’re the antithesis of predictable; stylists painting new colors in a stale category.

For the most part, that’s the Zone’s narrative – a cornucopia of free love, fin-less boards and edgy dudes doing cool shit on perfect waves. If you’ve got the time to light one up and sink into the couch for 55 minutes – do it. If not, the trailer is four minutes of pure surfing joy with a killer wah-wah powered guitar solo.

Spike – Kanti Dadum

THE ZONE surf movie from Jack Coleman Surf Films on Vimeo.


Belong – Perfect Life

Hate it, love it, at least it’s different.

I’m paraphrasing but that’s the gist of Pharrell’s advice in a recent viral video. Be different because different invokes a reaction. Think of no reaction as worse than a negative reaction.

Angel investor, writer and world acclaimed hardo, Tim Ferriss, echoes this same credo in his podcast with Chase Jarvis. Be creative. Be different. Go for the extreme. Embrace the weird and abstract.

So, in the spirit of fun, The Aftermath is posting its first short story. It’s short. It’s odd. And it pairs nicely with Perfect Life. 

Perfect Life

I opened the car door sensing this wasn’t my garage. Were those pictures hung on the wall? Someone was smoking a cigarette in a frame. Was it a window with someone on the other side? I felt weird. The smell was off and the BMW was definitely not my car. The clues were compounding, climbing over each other to get on top.

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