Chayed Out, D-Man

The Tunes That Got Away

The other night I saw a friend who reminded me that LSD Soundsystem’s performance at Hamilton College was one of their last shows before the band dissipated for good.  While I was dancing my ass off, I had no idea that the band would split in a few months. In fact, I don’t think I’d ever heard of LCD Soundsystem before I taped a bottle of whiskey to my chest and high stepped onto the sweaty dance floor. But years later, James Murphy’s All My Friends and Dance Yrself Clean are two of my favorite songs.

Timing and context are everything. At least that’s what my old AP History teacher used to say. And he’s right in a lot of ways. And sometimes it’s a damn shame. Quality music doesn’t get the attention it deserves. But luckily here at The Aftermath, we’ve established a golden rule: good music is good music. Doesn’t matter how old it is.

Here’s to the tunes that got away… you may have missed them too.