Chayed Out, Deep Cuts

Tender Games – Notion EP

I fell under Tender Games’ spell with a track called “Lost”; a smooth, jazzy, knock-out of a tune that for weeks I found myself humming at night and waking up to in the morning. In other words— and another language— a classic “Ohrwurm.” Now Spotify tells me the German duo’s released a new EP, Notion. These are deeper mixes. And hey, the weather’s changing — it’s officially autumn in this part of the world — why not switch gears, revel in a little darkness. These guys are the real deal, and this is slow, sexy, swoon-worthy stuff. Hit play. See what happens.

Deep Cuts, WalterCronkTight

Bop – One Way to Mars

Here’s some music for late night drives back home, headphones after work, flights, and pre-bedtime thoughts.

One Way to Mars

Enjoy the Moment (Unquote Remix)