D-Man, Music for Thought

Seeing Far

The canyon didn’t look too far off so we thought why the hell not. As we hiked the landscape changed. Unsurprisingly the canyon turned out to be a lot further than it looked. We dipped lower and lower – like water running downhill – and suddenly found ourselves perched at the edge of a steep drop-off.

Staring at all of that sameness reminded me of a sensation I used to experience as a kid when I shut my eyes to go to sleep at night. I called it, “seeing far.”

I would stare at the back’s of my eyes – my mind cruising through the darkness like a spaceship. I expected to bump up against some barrier obstructing me from going further. But there was just space. Limitless, empty space.

When I realized there was no end, I’d pop my eyes open. And yet the expansiveness was everywhere in my room. The corner where two walls met. The hazy outline of my closet. All of it seemed to extend forever. I would start to feel panic-y at being untethered and would hustle downstairs to my parents.

Back above the canyon, I lay down on a rock, and let the sun warm the outside of my body. I shut my eyes and felt a wave of gratitude at being able to drift away from it all – just for a moment. And then my brain turned off – like a watchmen resting his head for a second.

Chayed Out, D-Man


I’m stoked. Outside lands is this coming weekend. That means Flume, Disclosure, Tycho, Chromeo and many more. But that’s not what has me giddy.

I just bought tickets to see RÜFÜS DU SOL at the last stop of their North American tour. Months ago, Mr. Caracciolo posted Foals Over Booka Shade. As usual, the kid is ahead of his time. RÜFÜS / RÜFÜS DO SOL pack a serious punch. They’re poppy, trancy, housy – all at once.

*Apparently, before RÜFÜS started touring in the US, they were forced to change their name to RÜFÜS DU SOL because of a US trademark on the name Rufus.

RÜFÜS addressed the controversy in  a Facebook post:

“We’re going to be known as RÜFÜS DU SOL in North America only… because trademark is a serious bitch”.

Well said.

Check out their North American tour schedule here.