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Songs for Anticipation

A lot has happened since my last post. I graduated from college. I drove across the country. I spent 4 months rowing vacationers down the whitewater of the Snake River. I explored the West. I drove a ton of miles.

I look back on all those hours behind the wheel and I miss it. Not because I like driving, but because I was always heading towards something sweet  a Montana weekend for the books with flowebro, a fly fishing trip in Yellowstone, the red rock of Utah, or simply my daily commute to the whitewater – I was always driving to exciting experiences and strange adventures.

Now the newest Aftermath member to join the 9-5 world, I’m severely missing those drives of anticipation and getting in the zone to some jams. (Most often Thomas Jack Tropical House sets). We can all agree there is nothing better to put you in the mood to send it than music. So whether you’re on your way to the slopes, the surf, or South Africa, I hope this playlist gets you stoked for the destination ahead.

Head towards something sweet.

Chayed Out

Von af – Lazy Sunday

Throwback Thursday: A Road Trip to Bolinas

A drive from San Francisco to Bolinas promises to include enough planning, packing, and bumper-to-bumper traffic to discourage anyone who is not utterly compelled by the prospect of a beach. It’s Sunday and it’s Sunday Night Blues. The weekend is fading fast and the 9-to-5 march is nearing. Grappling to an increasingly distant childhood while attempting to approach the “real world” with a feigned poise, a song seems to grease the gears enough to scare the sunday scares. The panic of a twenty-something is laughable in the context of a good song, especially this one.