Deep Cuts, Jamboys

Grizfolk – Hymnals (RAC Remix)

Kept an eye on Grizfolk since seeing them live. Add RAC to the mix and we’ve got a cool song in our earbuds.

Earlier this year RAC made magic on another Grizfolk jam. On the topic of RAC: they are a multiple member group whose name stands for Remix Artist Collective. Members come and go, but the name stays eternal. Recently he (currently the most prolific RAC jockey is a Portuguese man named Andre Allen Anjo) took his talents to the much hyped and tampered with ODEZSA track Say My NameThe original is outstanding and Aftermath favorites Star Slinger, Hermitude, and RAC are all taking swings.

Chayed Out, Jamboys

Two Door Cinema Club – Next Year (RAC Mix)

I’ve been devouring TDCC recently – originals and remixes. They have such a good sound that can either stand alone or be manipulated without losing each song’s upbeat resonance. The Aftermath is familiar with remixes Handshake and Something Good Can Work, both fantastic. I can’t get Sun out of my head, and to those interested, a number of established DJs have remixed the track, but I don’t think any yet is worthy of the original. Finally, here is RAC’s brilliant stab at a year-old Cinema Club song, one I find sad and oddly relatable..