Chayed Out, WalterCronkTight

Belizbeha – Not 4 Nothin

Over 11 years ago, in a small pizza shop called Moonlight Pizza in Salida, Colorado, the following song played in the background of a kayaking video. With a few good slices ahead, a heavy sun behind, and a glimpse into a calm and humble lifestyle of extreme activities, it set the mood well.

I’ve kept the song with me, never over-playing it and never giving it a five star rating. For 11 years it hummed intermittently throughout my shifting musical tastes, a quietly confident character in an exponentially growing library. Today, I still find the tune will subtly guide me toward the same direction I laid before me at Moonlight Pizza.

I invite you to listen and download this song, keep it in you library, and when it comes up on shuffle, listen again.