Chayed Out

FKJ – Learn To Fly

After work I was shootin’ the shit with DLong (aka the bull dog, aka long balls) over at thatbeatjuice. We caught up on our weekends and joked about the difficulties we’d encountered while trying to write about music.

“Writing about music is like dancing about architecture, ” he said.

Apparently there’s still some confusion on who should be attributed for coming up with this enigmatic quote. In fact, there’s a whole web site dedicated to figuring out its origin. Steve Martin, Elvis Costello and Frank Zappo are all potential candidates. Music historians and bloggers have made hypothesis but there’s no concrete answer.

Regardless, whoever said it, nailed it. Writing about music can feel like dancing about architecture. Sometimes it’s awkward, forced and creatively mind numbing. Especially when you encounter acts like FKJ, who produce a sound so crisp and innovative, you’re at a loss for words and entranced in a perpetual writers-block.

h/t Francois for the FKJ intro. Show me a dance floor at 3:20…