Chayed Out, D-Man

Labrinth – Let It Be (Grades Remix)

Every morning David drove me to High School in his Ford pick up truck. The drive was short – about 10 minutes, just enough time for 2-3 songs. He would DJ, throwing on his newest Limewire downloads: People Under the Stairs, Devin the Dude, Nice & Smooth and Jurassic 5. Naturally as white kids from Maine, we were obsessed with 90’s rap.

He’d cue up a few songs and we’d drive. Either for his own entertainment or just because he didn’t want to turn down the volume, David wouldn’t respond to my pleas to know who sang each song. I resorted to memorizing lyrics from the hook or chorus, later searching it on Google. “I’m Morpheus in this hip-hop Matrix, exposing fake shit” + “lyrics”.

These days Shazam makes song identification a lot easier. But there’s still some thrill to knowing that you have to grab a song before it fades off into music oblivion. Such was the case with Let It Be (Grades remix). And I got er’…