Friday’s Song: Chet Faker x WKND – Lover

How often do we come across new music while on the subway? I don’t mean by eavesdropping on a fellow straphanger as they click ‘next’ on their smartphone. Nor do I mean that if someone’s Beats are playing so loud as to make you want to cry out like your grandmama, “Turn that damn ratchet down!” is what I mean. This is something altogether different. Perhaps it’s a cover band playing for singles during rush hour, or a brass ensemble that’s taken to the trenches of late-night weekend train platforms. It’s just sometimes, a beautiful sound is overheard underground.

The band Sonia Dada formed after such a chance encounter in the Chicago underground in 1990. Band frontman Daniel Pritzker came across his future bandmates who were then busking for change in a subway station. While the band never reached such cultish adoration as their fellow Chicagoans, Wilco, today, they get some love here on The Aftermath.

Offered to appear on the Australian radio station show Like a Version, where the guest artist plays a cover of their choice, hometown hero Chet Faker lent his one-man-gospel-sound to Sonia Dada’s best selling record, “Lover (You Don’t Treat Me No Good)”. Now, this being the Internet Age, Faker’s rather pared down and acoustic rendition of “Lover” could not be left alone for long.

German producer WKND (no connection to the sexahaulic Canadian), has imbued Faker’s version of “Lover” with metal drums and a beat to dance to. The kid has flipped the cover into a remix – and I’m all the more grateful for having come across it @boycalledwknd. Yet, each of these versions are enjoyable in their own way; each a telling of a different time and circumstance, but of the same story.

Friday’s Song: A French Set

My apologies for the delay, folks.

It’s Bastille Day on Monday. Today, let’s celebrate some of the sweetest and smoothest Francophone jams. This one’s for the Frenchies.

Friday’s Song: Nao vs. A.K. Paul – So Good

English singer Nao, together with upstart producer A.K. Paul (brother to the sublime Jai Paul), have produced a track that’s in equally parts lush and tropical. “So Good,” a title which defies much elaboration, bursts with scrambling guitar riffs which alight your senses like phosphorescent pop rocks of yore.

If it’s Friday, then it’s “So Good”.

Friday’s Song: Lia Ices – Thousand Eyes

This is that song.

You’re sitting down with a beer at a rooftop bar, or better yet, a garden patio, when you begin to notice a murmur in the background lilting your way. Soon, it’s encompassing, drawing your attention away from the group of friends or co-workers you’re seated with. More importantly, it’s distracting you away from your beverage. But the sun’s not in your eyes Ray-ban wearing amigo. It’s Lia Ices’ “Thousand Eyes” drumming in your ears.

Sidebar: Like many a babe before her, Lia is from New England. Oof.

Friday’s Song: Vancouver Sleep Clinic & GXNXVS – Hold On We’re Going Home (Drake Cover)

Oh my bosh…

While this is exactly what a collaboration between Bon Iver and Drake would sound like, this track is not from the studios of the Wisconsin native and Toronto legend. Instead, this surprisingly delicate but rhythmic jem is from two Australian producers: Vancouver Sleep Clinic and GXNXVS. Together, they’ve produced an exceptional cover of a quality song. Harnessing the original’s ’80s flow with a resonant down under rhythm. It’s a song that hooks you, and, I suspect, gets caught in your head on this ebullient final Friday of May.