Deep Cuts, WalterCronkTight

Trentemøller – Take Me Into Your Skin

Coming from Copenhagen, Trentemøller is an older name for the electronic scene. However, despite the rapidly evolving genre, his music still remains powerful and unique. With a track title like “Take Me Into Your Skin,” you can expect a deep and intimate sound. Trentemøller delivers just that – the track builds and evolves with a variety of complex emotions. The song is a journey, and much like our own, the shifts can be either abrupt or steady.

Chayed Out, WalterCronkTight

Belizbeha – Not 4 Nothin

Over 11 years ago, in a small pizza shop called Moonlight Pizza in Salida, Colorado, the following song played in the background of a kayaking video. With a few good slices ahead, a heavy sun behind, and a glimpse into a calm and humble lifestyle of extreme activities, it set the mood well.

I’ve kept the song with me, never over-playing it and never giving it a five star rating. For 11 years it hummed intermittently throughout my shifting musical tastes, a quietly confident character in an exponentially growing library. Today, I still find the tune will subtly guide me toward the same direction I laid before me at Moonlight Pizza.

I invite you to listen and download this song, keep it in you library, and when it comes up on shuffle, listen again.