Chayed Out

Serengeti – Dennehy

Every music lover reaches a point where they look through their library and realize the selections are far too serious: deep house, city punk, shoegaze, rare ambient, minimal techno.

We forget that before we devoured song after song and wedged ourselves into the deep wormholes of sound, we all used to rage to whatever was on the radio. Top 40s, classic rock, and Shania Twain. Of course, it’s hard to have more than a surface appreciation for radio hits once you’ve traveled the deep.


Serengeti is a weird rapper who writes about normal stuff. Chicago native David Cohn’s act is centered around the everyday life of Kenny Dennis (KD).

The idea originated when Cohn was watching little league baseball. “Any time that they introduce a kid they ask him what’s your favorite actor? What’s your favorite athlete? Well what if someone’s favorite actor was Brian Dennehy? What would that guy be like?”

The rest of Kenny Dennis was fleshed out from there. And eventually we were given “Dennehy,” a laundry list of things KD does, likes, and deals with.

Play softball with the guys, wife made curly fries
Drink about four O’Doul’s, grounded out, two pop flies
In the Buick down Western, stop and get some more brats
On sale: chicken, Italian sausages, and orange pop