Bangers and Mash, D-Man

Night Drive – Young Rivals

If Night Drive were a brand of car, they would be a Tesla. They’re futuristic, brooding and ferociously quick. Apart from my far-fetched analogy, I don’t know much about them.

Because Drones has been one of my favorite songs for the past year, I spent a few minutes navigating Soundcloud pages and Indie blogs to dig up some concrete facts. All I could find is that they’re from Texas and there’s a blog post that says that the two met because they were in love with the same girl. When she passed away in a tragic car accident, Rodney Connell of MoTel Aviv and Brandon Duhon of Glasnast formed Night Drive.

Whether or not this is true, I have absolutely no idea. But it makes for a great story.

H/t – Bri guy

Bangers and Mash, WalterCronkTight

Lil Silva – First Mark

Bangers and Mash. It has been awhile. I remember my first dubstep days. The “EDM” scene was on the verge of blowing up. Bassnectar was recognized in the electronic crowd, which was still a unique culture at the time. Rusko had only just started changing what dubstep was. Skrillex didn’t exist.

It was my sophomore year at college and I lived in a 10 x 10 box of a dorm. I had 5.1 surround Creative speakers duck taped to the ceiling and two 4-foot high 1970’s Sony speakers I picked up at a junkyard. Jerry-rigging the setup to play out all 7 monitors, I racked up a fair share of noise complaints.

We had no qualms packing 40 kids into that 10 foot box, blaring Mr. Madjestyk’s Dub Hangover at unhealthy decibels. Our ears inches from the tweeters, greedily asking for more.

After awhile, either my ears’ ability to continually absorb the abrasiveness of dubstep faded or the genre lost its soul. Either way, I lost my taste for a heavy beat.

Something about this Lil Silva tune reinvigorates a small flicker of the untamable energy from my sophomore year dorm.

Bangers and Mash, D-Man

Get Weird This Weekend

Parachute Youth was a duo hailing from Australia. I say ‘was’ because the Aussies split in 2014 for unknown reasons, each moving on to pursue solo projects. It’s a shame. Their collective genius gives us the deeply satisfying Can’t Get Better Than This. 

It baffles me that it was released in January 2012. As usual, the Aussies are musically ahead of the times.

Add this to your Spotify playlist for the weekend and go get weird.