Deep Cuts

Moderat – A New Error

Moderat. Listening to their sound, it is no surprise they’re from the birthplace and Mecca of electronic music – Berlin. Long before the likes of Rusko and Deadmau5 brought electronic to America mainstream, accelerating a massive market of new artists, Germans were doing the 4-beat-stomp 7 nights a week. Decades of consistent passion to electronic music has cemented Berlin’s position as leaders. Entire lifetimes devoted just to creating the best synthesizer, music club, or monitor cannot be denied. As the world has opened up to electronic, some of the new perspectives have undoubtedly added a lot to the genre; others have embarrassed it with a lack of soul and a surplus of marketing. Yet in the backdrop of all these changes, Berlin’s undercurrent continues to push forward in many unique directions.

Moderat represents just one of those directions.