Bangers and Mash, Francois

Tame Impala’s Five Fridges High!

Five fridges? What the hell’s that, you ask? It’s surfing parlance. A measurement for wave height. Stacked atop one another, five fridges measures out to about 18 feet or so. Depends on whether you the surfer or the bystander, I suppose. Anyway, Tame Impala, another musical act from the fabled Perth, Australia, aren’t actually the height of several refrigerators high. But their sound is.

Their songs hit like a Nerf football to the face. Enough chit chat. Here’re three “variations” of Tame Impala songs to give you a sense of why I’m babbling so. First, the good folks at Modular People‘s titillating remix of the smash-hit “Elephant”; even after 7 and a half minutes this live version of “Be Above It” will make you cry out for more; finally, the sneak attack: a praiseworthy cover of Andre 3000’s “Prototype”.

Deep Cuts, Francois

A Crooked Colours Doubleheader

Perth, Australia, where the surf is good and World Cup football competes for the eyes and ears, from the bars to the beaches, with musicians such as Crooked Colours. Their pulsating songs are attractive, right off the, er, cricket bat. Yet, it’s after listening to songs such as “Come Down” or “In Your Bones,” do you get a sense of what makes Crooked Colours so captivating. It’s the surprise, the progression of one melody into the next, which among other things, gives the listener an indelible impression of good sound.

C’mon, the drop is passé, no?