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Live Large

Seek to live big. Personally, I want to live like a character out of a Gabriel Garcia Márquez novel (I’ve only read One Hundred Years). His players tromp through their chapters with obsessive ambition. Whether they launch thirty-two revolutions, construct little gold fishes, or seduce their sister, the characters are completely engrossed in an often blind pursuit of purpose. If you want to be a writer, lock yourself in your room and write. Learning to skateboard? Obsess about it. Stay out on that street and skate until the street lights flash on and the sweat soaks through your shirt. Craving to be loved – or lusted for? (I find this one’s the easiest to obsess over and the hardest to control.) Haven’t figured out that last one, but if we live large enough, as largely as we possibly can, and I think we’ll be walking in the right direction.*

*Then, say fuck it, and run the other way.

Pic: Ghetto by the sea

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Get Your Ink Wet

Something I love about the AFTMTH is the diversity of the bloggers on here. For example: While Jamboys and I are scrambling to finish term papers, drinking the cheapest light beer we can get our hands on and getting sweaty to deep house in dark basements, D-man and Francois are racing to meet project deadlines, sipping aged red wine and swing dancing to live string instruments.

While our weekend antics might take different paths, come Monday, we’re all pushing the pencil for the man (or at least we should be). So whether you’re writing that Philosophy 210 paper on Popper’s Falsification Principle or plugging CamelBak’s daily coverage report into an Excel spreadsheet, here’s something to get your ink wet:

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Deeper House Playlist

“You can’t lie to house music. House music is a true music.”

Deep House. Persistent and unapologetic. While the steady four-on-the-floor or boots and cats beat invites the listener that commits to it for the long-haul, it also alienates the one who seeks immediate gratification.

Yes, not everyone understands it and yes, its doors are closed to many. However, those closed doors are not accompanied by the pretentiousness of an exclusive club. Rather, they only weed out the listeners who selfishly demand everything from the song and nothing from themselves.

Deep House is itself demanding, requiring the listener to reciprocate by intently opening up before inviting him or her in – I believe the ability to reciprocate is what makes one a “true souldier.” Then again, maybe I am lost.

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Powder Days

The routine: An appealing and deceitful character. Like a truly great friend, the routine will always be there. It is never cruel, never demanding and always humble. Yet its crimes are incremental, constantly pouring sand into a finite glass.

Today I broke my routine. I knew I would when my third alarm rang and I looked outside. It was snowing. Today I would not wear the slowly fading sneakers I bought online a few months ago. Today I would wear boots.

For anyone who grew up skiing, and especially those that grew up on the East, you will be familiar with that unique hunger that arises during the first good downfall. Coworkers and friends share the latest gnar on YouTube. Exaggerated stories and photos from old powder days are dug up. Memories of daring moments bring forth a new swagger, and that swagger beckons courage for the season ahead. Each year the playlist changes and the routine is broken.

This year, this year will be the year I carve harder, huck higher, and generally toss my body to the mountain.

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Ezra Koenig, Schoolboy or Party Monster?

Vampire Weekend frontman and New Jersey native, Ezra Koenig, takes his polite, first date voice, to a suite of edgy and dark songs. Below, Ezra channels his inner Jersey Boy in three featuring roles. However, this isn’t the first time Ezra, pop star that he is, performed to club music.

Irony be damned, this is dance music.

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Gooey, Sticky, Dirty

Some, like Ol’ Marilyn, like it hot. Lucky!

When it’s sweltering out and the flat you’ve rented is sans air conditioning, these three tunes are your companions through the dogged summer heat. Here’s to empathy and staying cool. Or, hot…if you like that.

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Mac Miller, “Faces” Mixtape

Mac is back, and he returns with another mix-tape that furthers his legacy as one of the most clever, talented, and unusual lyricists behind a microphone today.

“Faces”, Mac’s 7th mix-tape, tells his story of stardom (“Here We Go”), drug-use (“Angel Dust”), addiction, heart-break, and recovery (“Diablo”). The album listens like a book, and is littered with star-studed appearances from voices such as ScHoolboy Q, Rick Ross (“Insomniak”), and Michael Jones.

Garnering over a million downloads in its first week, “Faces” affirms Mac, the pale Jewish kid from Pittsburgh, as one of greatest rapper’s today.

So on that next long walk to work or roady to see the boys, toss this baby on the headphones and let Mac Miller come with you.

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