A nod to the opener

It’s 9:42 on Saturday morning, and I’m trying to go back to sleep.  A small headache – thanks to some tequila, some beers, and definitely no waters – pulses to the beat of Rufus. The set they played last night was incredible, lighting up the feet of a sold out crowd.

If you follow this site, you don’t need a reminder of the greatness of Rufus. No, there’s something else entering my groggy memory: the opening act.

The Kite String Tangle is a fellow Aussie following Rufus’ current tour with good reason. He absolutely crushed the role of an opener,  with a healthy dose of throbbing dance beats getting everyone hyped for Rufus to step on.


Curveball alert! Folk music!

Spotify Discover introduced me to Caamp, and sweet baby jesus am I happy about it. A little folk banjo pickin’ action coming from two Ohio dudes, I’ve been playing their debut album nonstop in the car. There’s not a song on it I don’t like.

“Ohio boys making beautiful noise”…. These guys Taylor and Evan have a bright future.


Matthew and the Atlas – Pale Sun Rose

Think about this: songs almost always reveal themselves in the initial listen. Whether it’s a club banger, a chill vibe, a folksy love tale, or a mellow downer – we know what kind of song it is meant to be right away. You agree, right? Rarely do songs polarize listeners, blur the lines, and provide multiple moods.

Pale Sun Rose is a song I’ve been chewing on for a few weeks, and I still can’t put my finger on it. After seeing D-Man dabbling in my Spotify and gravitating towards this song himself, I found he had a similar reaction. We know this is a good song immediately; it’s unique and captivating. But what is the story – is it sad? Adventurous? Reflective? How is the listener meant to digest the song – for a roadtrip, around a campfire, on an aimless stroll?

I’m still not sure myself, but I know it’s cool music. And we should acknowledge the songs that lure us to dig into them; songs that aren’t cookie cutter in their theme and feeling.

What does this song do for you?



Songs for Anticipation

A lot has happened since my last post. I graduated from college. I drove across the country. I spent 4 months rowing vacationers down the whitewater of the Snake River. I explored the West. I drove a ton of miles.

I look back on all those hours behind the wheel and I miss it. Not because I like driving, but because I was always heading towards something sweet  a Montana weekend for the books with flowebro, a fly fishing trip in Yellowstone, the red rock of Utah, or simply my daily commute to the whitewater – I was always driving to exciting experiences and strange adventures.

Now the newest Aftermath member to join the 9-5 world, I’m severely missing those drives of anticipation and getting in the zone to some jams. (Most often Thomas Jack Tropical House sets). We can all agree there is nothing better to put you in the mood to send it than music. So whether you’re on your way to the slopes, the surf, or South Africa, I hope this playlist gets you stoked for the destination ahead.

Head towards something sweet.

Bipolar Sunshine – Daydreamer (Gryffin Remix)

I finished my undergrad career last week, and with some adventures on the calendar in the coming months I’m all about jams that get me stoked to get out there.

I discovered this one last week and it’s been a constant play since then – putting images of the open road, sunshine, mountains, and rivers in my head.

As the beat builds, increase that volume.

Imagine Dragons – I Bet My Life (Lost Kings Remix)

Combine the sounds of Imagine Dragons, who always have vocals you can sing to, and Lost Kings, who always make massive bangers, and what you have here is a god damn anthem. Immediately add this to your playlists for the gym, the slopes, the pregame, the party. That drop though…


Bakermat is a dude out of Amsterdam serving up smooth jams. Sometimes I could do without the voice-overs he adds, but the jazzy sounds overshadow them.

Starting out with his show Intro is a good place to start:

Long 2-minute buildup for huge brass entrance that’ll leave you wanting more.

This song is different – weird almost. But captivating.




Francesco Yates – Call (Jade Blue Remix)

Francesco Yates is a Toronto native who was named the “Next Big Thing” by Canadian Press and who Pharrell has said will be a “huge huge star”. Oh and he is just 18…must be nice. Call is his first big single and this Jade Blue remix is a groovy twist. Keep an eye on this white boy with the Afro.