Chayed Out, D-Man, Music

Sturgill Simpson – Turtles All the Way Down

“I’ll do the one that you guys spend all the time talking about,” said Sturgill Simpson, his guitar resting on his lap.


Sturgill strums a few bars and then stops abruptly.

“Actually just about every journalist so far that I’ve read has covered this song, but I don’t think anybody has actually nailed down what it’s actually about.” Sturgill talks through tight lips. “So my fault… for being too cryptic.”

Laughter ripples through the audience at NPR’s tiny desk concert. Everyone’s in on the same joke and coolness oozes from Sturgill Simpson and his worn-in Converse shoes.

“It’s actually all about drugs…”

The small gathering shifts uncomfortably. Someone coughs. Sturgill soaks in the awkwardness, like any country star worth his brass would make a few NPR stiffs squirm before handing over what everyone had come for – his perfect, soul-probing voice.


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