Chayed Out, D-Man, Music

Darkside – Golden Arrow

An organ leans on one note, as if the player’s forehead is pressed against the keys. He’s either dead or just doesn’t care anymore, steering the tune into a melancholic ditch.


A drum kit keeps time, steady with anticipation, urging us towards a corner for a hair raising discovery. Possibly a sound to jolt us back to reality. The horror builds and we follow along, feet clapping to the drummer’s snare.

The depth of Darkside’s Golden Arrow is cavernous – the perfect fit for Alex DePhillipo’s surf edit of a recent storm that smacked the coast of New Jersey. Hooded men throw themselves at waves hurtling like runaway trains, hoping for a chance at redemption.

Golden Arrow is also in lock step with Nicolas Jaar’s other work. Ambient sounds fizz and swim along with the plodding beat. There’s so much attention to detail, it’s practically a tactile experience. We’re driven towards a moment of feeling. A religious experience. Some great awareness that makes us want to take flight.


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