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DIIV – Reverb and Delay Pedals

It’s been a week since I was in New York, but I still haven’t fully recovered. My body can only be nocturnal for so long. But NYC is truly great. It’s loud. It’s crowded. Unapologizing. And you can go from a boozy lounge to a filthy metal bar in just ten blocks.

The highlight of the trip was seeing old homies but the most lasting impression was being introduced to DIIV (Dive), a Brooklyn based band wrapped in controversy and intrigue.

The controversy is multifaceted – ranging from 4chan message boards to substance addiction. Most notably, headman, Cole Smith, was arrested in 2013 with girlfriend / model / musician Sky Ferreira, on their way to Basilica Soundscape, after cops found a “plastic bag containing 42 decks of heroin.” Two weeks ago, Smith announced on Instagram that he was signing himself into long-haul inpatient treatment to beat his addiction – “mom. sorry.”

His absence is ill timed considering the band is getting a reputation in Brooklyn for wild, live shows. It’s their guitar, which is soaked in reverb and delay pedals, creating a dizzying, euphoric effect. Be mindful, the impact isn’t immediate. The songs start innocent enough and then the guitar starts chattering, circling around and around, picking up momentum, until you can practically hear DIIV getting carried away with their own sound.


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