Chayed Out, Music

Sampha – Without


Drake’s “Too Much“, a sultry, brooding number, is all encompassing in its appeal. From red lights in the hood to dorm rooms, its bass rattles.

Some of the mass appeal needs to be attributed to Sampha, a singer, songwriter, producer from South London. It’s his voice in the hook. His sample. Arguably his song.

Sampha’s fame is a rising, lifted by high profile collabs. His work as a producer is omni-present – Kanye, Drake, Frank Ocean – and his beats are organically thought provoking, percussive and warmly ambient. They’re intimate in their simplicity.

But if Sampha wants to arrive at the top, he has one final hurdle. He’s still referred to indirectly, “Watch Drake Collaborator Sampha’s Intense ‘Blood On Me’ Video” (Rolling Stone). After announcing his forthcoming debut LP, Process, it’s clear he’s making a move for something more.


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