Justin Jay


A few months ago I walked into a Pete Tong DJ set in San Francisco’s SOMA district. The foundation thumped with base. Synesthesia-triggering visuals danced on the wall. We moved to the top level to watch the crowd move – arms waving like an amoeba, tentacles propelling bodies.

DEEP HOUSE! The crowd screamed.

The beat wove in and out, speeding up and slowing down. But soon our knees began to ache. We bent forward and back to keep up with the plodding rhythm. The DJ’s swapped out their mixing boards, equalizers. A new table. But we’d missed the axis road and were left behind, forced to try and catch up with a runaway train.

Maybe this is deep house at its worse. Overdone and burnt. Lots of sound, but little music.

Then there’s Justin Jay. A recent graduate from USC and producer of deep, planetary house.

For Justin Jay it feels like the DEEP is an after thought. He’s not propelling the masses. There’s no manic drug component here. Don’t freak out about keeping up. Two minutes in and you’ll be in the slow current, grooving to the alien environment he creates with synthesizers and glammy guitar riffs.

This is good deep house.


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