Chayed Out, D-Man, Music


Consistency is king. It sets the average Joe’s apart from the high performers.

In the music business the hallmark of success is constant creativity. It’s a tight rope walk – resisting the sweep of the mainstream, leaning into the unknown, fearing the creatively insane.

That’s difficult. And time and time again we’ve seen artists with one-hit wonders who for whatever reason can’t harness the same inventiveness that made their sound unique. They blend into the mix, or worse thrash out with an ugly, pay attention!

The listener also has a role. Don’t be a fan boy blinded by the idea of greatness. Deal in the details. The hooks that become anthems, the lyrics that beat in your head. Without a critical ear, flashy clothing and bad boy antics trump innovative sound.

Ever since hearing Voices and Ongoing Thing, I’ve approached 20syl’s new releases with caution, that critical ear. Will he continue to be creative? Or will he fade off into the oblivion of a lonely Soundcloud profile?

After spending some time with his new song, Touch Down, I ain’t worried about our boy.



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