Maggie Rogers

Last week one of our followers and friends passed along a video of Pharrell Williams sitting in on a NYU Masterclass at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music.

3 promising students and musicians present their songs to Pharrell and he graciously and meticulously offers feedback – stack the lead vocals, communicate confidence, add harmonies on the chorus.

But then along comes Maggie Rogers, “Mags” with jeans hiked up to her waist and an animal bone tied around her neck.

She’s quiet and unassuming, mystical, and visibly petrified that Pharrell, a producing legend, is lined up to critique her personal work.

Maggie’s unique brand of music – natural, terrestrial sounds mixed with a European inspired dance beat, dumbfounds Pharrell. The muscles in his face relax, and his eyes get shiny, welling up with emotion.

The beat drops and Maggie’s head starts bouncing. Pharrell’s foot starts tapping. And the two are quietly transported to their own nostalgic head space, lifted by Maggie’s, “Alaska.”

It’s a beautiful moment for music.


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