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The HNNY Challenge

I’d like to do something unusual with this post. Something we’ve never done here on The Aftermath. I’d like to challenge you – the listener, the reader.

Earlier this week I was listening to a song on my Spotify discovery weekly playlist as I ran laps around Alamo Square park. Halfway through I found myself in a trance, my mind blank and limbs moving swiftly. For any runner this feeling is the pinnacle – effortless movement. Your legs lead the way and your body follows.

Flow is often fleeting. One second I’m wrapped in its embrace, and the next I’m huffing and puffing up a hill. And working in an office doesn’t help. After 8 hours huddled in front of a monitor, back arched, fingers rigidly perched on a keyboard, it’s hard to suddenly snap into a Zen-like state for the sake of a good workoutYou run the risk of bringing the action items and deliverables of the day right into your run. Two miles starts to feel like like another deadline – something you have to do, not want to do.

But on this particular run, I was cruisin’. Each step felt lighter than the last and I decided to veer from my typical route, exploring dimly lit streets and steep hills.

I glanced at my phone to see what track was playing. Who was responsible for this slow ebb?

Champagne Problems is 22:46. And no it’s not a mix. It’s one melody weaving in and out of a steady, calm beat.

Play it right now on your shitty computer speakers and you’ll quickly be bored. But, if you shake off everything that’s been trailing you all day, silence your iPhone, and focus your mind, HNNY’s remix can take flight.

Run, write, walk, lift, paint, draw, skateboard, bike, make love, think, cook – it doesn’t matter. The only rule is that you have to do it for the duration of HNNY’s Champagne Problems – 22 minutes – and seek some of the good stuff – effortless movement.


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