Bangers and Mash

Galimatias – Pretty Thoughts

Work. Work. Work. Run! Shower. Eat. Read. Write. Watch Curb. Sleep. REPEAT.

Sometimes it feels like my daily routine owns me. Sure, professional obligations get me off my lazy ass and into the productivity of San Francisco’s financial district, but it’s so easy to get sucked into a repetitive cycle of optimization and efficiency. Every minute counts. Every day must start with action items and end with measurable progress. To break out of the cycle would be an aberration and well, not part of the routine.

Do this five days a week, for two years and suddenly you start to sprout small robot parts and your speech becomes trite and mechanical.

Then music kicks down the door. Fuck this. You are not relinquishing your soul. Slow down. Enjoy the moment. Synths, bells, guitars, drums crack at you until optimization and efficiency become buzz words that rush by with the speeding cars and crazed commuters.

Let Pretty Thoughts slow down your day.


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