Chayed Out, D-Man

Imagined Herbal Flows – Floating EP

You’ll struggle to find anyone more heady than Imagined Herbal Flows. Just saying the name out loud warrants a trippy woahhh man. Flowebro brought them to our attention back in Decmeber 2014. But it wasn’t until we played Clouds as background music during a night time Gondola ride over Telluride’s mountain village, that I truly appreciated their down tempo and Oriental inspired beats.

Last night I re-listened to their last EP. It’s cool and quiet – a nice departure from the other loud bullshit out there. It warrants a listen and inspired me to write about a road trip in South Africa, searching for waves and stories (sample below).

Love the sitar on this track.

Durban Road Trippin’ Part 1

A slender man with a pony tail walked towards us. As he got closer to the candlelight at our table, I noticed that his hair hung all the way down to his lower back in one long, solid dread. He had the emaciated Jesus Christ look down, as if he’d spaced out his meals between drug trips and surf sessions.

“What’s up, bru?” he said in an unmistakable South African accent, floating over to our table, dancing to the boombox that sat perched in the corner of the bar. Out of his back pocket he pulled out a deck of cards – he’d snipped off the top left corner of each one.

“Alright boys. How about a classic, eh? You guys into bullshit?” Me, James and Alex were really starting to vibe with the Wild Coast. We were about to play bullshit with a South African hippy who looked like he he’d just walked out of a Jedi temple. Halfway through the game the Jedi took out some tobacco and a sizeable dimebag of weed. Portioning out the leaves in two equal piles. He began rolling a spliff, silently dragging the paper across his lips to finish his work.


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