Getting It On – Sales

Funnily enough, The Aftermath has its roots as a playlist generator for hooking up. We hatched the idea while shooting the shit late at night, hypothesizing that you could build a web site which listed a wide spectrum of channels (genres), each appealing to different types of girls.

But after describing it to a few close friends, we realized it sounded pretty sleezy and oh yeah, none of us knew anything about coding. So the idea, “The After Dinner Mint”, never came to fruition and our dreams of being young entrepreneurs silently wilted.

But wait! Turns out the idea morphed into a sizzling’ blog and although I still think the idea is stupid and based off massive generalizations, every once in awhile I hear a song like Getting it On and I think, yeah this would go on one of the playlists.

* I have absolutely no idea what Sales’ album cover means.

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