Bangers and Mash, D-Man

Golden Features – No One (feat. Thelma Plum)

I’ve got a playlist on my Spotify entitled, Bangers and Mash. Yeah yeah it’s a shameless play on words and a reference to me British fajjjjjjjja, but fuck it, the name serves a purpose.  It’s the lift playlist. Running playlist. The I don’t feel like doing shit but I’m going to bang this out anyways track list.

One of the newest contributors? Golden Features (💀 + 💥), a mysterious Dj from Australia, who jumped ship from the EDM scene to produce liquid bangers. WalterCronkTight provided the intro with Tell Me, a dark, fight-club enducing tune, leading me to discover No One.

This ain’t no remix folks. This is a pure bred. Get me to a dance floor!

Well, before I started producing as Golden Features I was doing more EDM style stuff – more “big room” house – but to be honest with you, I didn’t love it anymore. I wasn’t enjoying it. I felt like I was forcing something. That I was just trying to fit into what everyone else was doing, because it seemed like the easy option. After that realisation, I started making a few tunes that were more to my taste, and more like the music that I was enjoying at the time. The whole creative process was a lot quicker and easier. It actually made me happy again. I wasn’t banging my head against the wall.


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