Outside Lands 2015 – A Brief Recap

This year I showed up to Outside Lands with a healthy dose of expectations. Last year’s eclectic lineup was next level stuff and Golden Gate Park’s laid back, isolated atmosphere lent itself to the prized staples of any successful and debauchery-filled festival – beer, dancing and people urinating as far as the eye can see.

“Kendrick better play Money Trees” (he opened with it). “ODESZA better light up GG Park” (they were electric). Luckily for me, the majority of my expectations were fulfilled at Outside Lands 2015. But anyone who has forked over a hefty lump sum for a festival, knows that this isn’t always the case…

But the true, genuine joy of going to a festival, is stumbling on the diamonds in the rough. And no one exemplified this more than Caribou – a group led by 36 year old Canadian mathematician/composer/drummer/producer who has a knack for creating cerebral brain candy. Showcasing a developing and purposefully ambiguous genre that the British media has labeled, “shoe-gazing”, Caribou took the crowd to another level.

I like taking mental ideas apart and playing around with them. That’s what appeals to me about what I’ve spent my life doing.”

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