Låpsley – Pick me up

The sun’s just set on the far side of my balcony and bottle of wine, but stateside you might be counting down the minutes left on the digital clock next to that open Excel spreadsheet. Or stepping onto the subway. Revving out of a driveway, into the California sunset (who knows).

And in that case: evening commutes. My favorite playlists are all about them. That galvanizing mix of exhaustion and possibility that hits at dusk, when you step into that evening’s freedom. There’s nothing better – when your last caffeine high has worn off and you’re suddenly stupidly tired – than leaving the office and a stack of finished or unfinished business behind you with a steady, seductive beat in your ears. Letting your thoughts untangle, your feet hit the pavement in time to something secret and soulful. Something simple. Plotting your next adventure, or heading home to revel in doing absolutely nothing.

Either way, hope you do just that.

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