Chayed Out, D-Man

Seoul – Stay With Us

Today is a normal day. Woke up. Dusted off a work shirt. Biked through a misty San Francisco morning. Cup of joe to the face. Fired up my computer to answer a tireless flow of emails. Another day of coggin’ it at the wheel. I ain’t chirpin’. There’s definitely a certain satisfaction in embracing a daily 9-5. Predictable can be good. But sometimes this industrious mindset sets in so deep that I forget to look outside of the confines of my daily routine.

Then along came Stay With Us by Seoul. A tune that jolted me out of my robotic efficiency. Suddenly it’s Friday and Surfline says Santa Cruz is gonna be 4-5 ft. with some breezy SW winds and on the backs of my eyes all I can see is waves marching towards the beach in flawless, glassy lines. Stay With Us just fuel the fire – giving my day dreams a soundtrack.


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