Chayed Out, D-Man

Parcels – Herefore

My understanding of the French language is extremely limited. I spent two quick semesters in college completing workbook exercises conjugating être over and again. Je suis, tu es, il est… The only time it really came in handy was when my family and I got locked out of our hotel room in Corsica, France. Nous restons dans cet hotel!

I’m rambling on about my linguistic incompetency because tonight was the first time I’ve had to translate French in two years. Deliceuse Musique, a French music blog, recently posted about Parcels – an Australian duo who dropped an EP in March. So, with the help of my elementary French skills and a peek at Google translate, I know a few basic facts about Parcel: they’re Australian, genre-bending and their recent EP “Clockscared” is unbelievably catchy.



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