Bangers and Mash

“The Montage of Heck” – HBO Documentary

As a pre pubescent teen I went through a serious Nirvana phase. I cut out a page out of Kurt Cobain from Guitar magazine and taped it to my wall. I learned to play the Smells Like Teen Spirit guitar solo behind my head. Even now I throw on Come As You Are at a party to get people riled up. So when I heard that Kobain’s daughter, Frances Bean, had produced an HBO documentary, chronicling the rise and fall of Nirvana, the anticipation was high.

Montage of Heck absolutely nails two aspects of Kurt’s life: his slow and painful demise into a self destructive heroin addiction and his genuine love for playing live music. Mosh pits, broken guitars, topless women – a Nirvana concert had it all. Old footage of Nirvana’s performance in Reading makes a Thomas jack concert look like child’s play. And fuck Nirvana was a musical genius when it came to being musically disruptive. His grungy, distorted tone and apathetic attitude breathed new life into the stale, monotonous status-quo of music in the late 80’s.

The next time you’re on HBO GO, put the Game of Thrones fiends at bay and watch The Montage of Heck.

The Montage of Heck = ☆☆☆☆


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