Chayed Out, D-Man

Beauville – Letting In (Prod. by NoMBe)

As you know, Flowebro just posted an absolute beauty of a playlist. On it, is California Girls by NoMBe. A trippy and non-sensical ode to the hotties of the West Coast. And yes, yes, I suppose it’s bad form to have the same artist featured two posts in a row, but NoMBe is blowing up real fast and we gotta jump on him. A lot of sudden hype bubbling up in the blogosphere about the young producer from Los Angeles.

Similar to California Girls, Letting In draws you in with its dark and heavy beat. And please by all means give into its gravitational pull – it’s worth your while.

“Almost every track on the upcoming project was partially written on these steps while my lady was asleep.” @nombemusic


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