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NYC Show: MSDOS, Ted Ganung & Anthony Granata

In 2013, fellow Aftermath founder D-Man and I had the opportunity to study abroad in Cape Town. Of the many meaningful and exciting aspects of that adventure, the music still stands out. The South African scene, without the level of commercial background in the US or UK, has a distinctly raw sound. I recall many nights, after a long day of surfing, going to the Drum n’ Bass sets at Fiction on Long Street. That was the first time I had heard Drum n’ Bass at a club, and something about the genre’s pace fit perfectly with my lifestyle at the time.

Averaging around 150 – 180 BPM, Drum n’ Bass is fast. However, as I recall from my time sweaty and dancing in the crowd at Fiction, there’s another way to hear it. Nodding on the 1st and 3rd beat, the song feels like 160 BPM, but by nodding only on the kick on the 1st beat, the song suddenly is cut in half, feeling like an old Dubstep tune at 80 BPM – try it. Listening in this way, it’s easy to transition from a restless fidget into a calm sway. That ability to seamlessly transition my pace at will, is why Drum n’ Bass fit that adventurous and self-determined lifestyle so well.

Recently, in an effort to temporarily relive my experience at Fiction, I went on a hunt for a good DnB show in NYC – that is how I found Ted Ganung & Anthony Granata. Founders of Deeper Vision Recordings, the duo are responsible for bringing many great acts to NYC, working hard to maintain a vibrant DnB scene here. When I found out about their upcoming MSDOS event, I reached out to them immediately to learn more about the event and Deeper Vision, hoping to reach farther into what this genre means.

According to Anthony, Deeper Vision’s philosophy is to “produce and release music we love and work with people to create a synergy that elevates us all.” Their focus is specifically on Jungle / Drum n’ Bass, but he acknowledged that they’re not confined to those genres or tempos. They believe that “music is a powerful vehicle that communicates a message.” Anthony noted that, having “defined his own liquid Drum n Bass sound” in Europe, this is MSDOS’s first US appearance.

The show, hosted on April 24th at Drom, promises good tunes, good times. Come along, enjoy the music, and take it your own pace.


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