Chayed Out

Toro Y Moi – Rose Quartz

Toro Y Moi, a University of South Carolina grad with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, needs no introduction to The Aftermath. He’s a regular here. We should probably just give the guy a log in already. He also happens to look a hell of a lot like one of our very own bloggers, Francois.

Since first hearing him on a Vindata remix of Still Sound, Toro Y Moi’s creativity and all around music dexterity has allowed him to develop a unique sound – a mix of disco vibes, wobbly synths, and beats that practically tap dance across the floor.

He also releases music under the name Les Sins. Dual producing? Or just one man, two names. Take a listen and if you’re in SF see if you can bum a cheap ticket to his sold out show at The Independent on March 28. The Aftermath crew will be sending a few representatives…


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