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Donnie Trumpet & The Social Expermient

What happened to Lauryn Hill? D’Angelo? Haunted by the sounds of old ghosts – Peter Frampton – and the new stalwarts – Frank Ocean – they faded from production and into record collections. Perhaps the music industry, the upkeep of being a star, was too much. Better to take the road less traveled than the red carpet one too many times over.

Nevertheless, their sounds live on in the likes of Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment. The group: Donnie Trumpet, Nate Fox, Peter Cottontale and Chance The Rapper. They’re from Chicago and best friends, not unlike the Fugees and Odd Future before them. Their latest single “Sunday Candy” builds on the variety of talent and sound from their debut, “Zion”. It’s a fun song, wonky, and self-aware; tinged with a young persons’ cynicism. A new kind of blues. Something for the Internet age.


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