Faded Paper Figures – On The Line

If there are any directors out there, (talking to you Jamboys) Faded Paper Figures needs to be on your next movie soundtrack.

They’re melodic, poppy and oh so sweet.

Now all we have to do is think of a story, pen a script, cast some characters and get funding. But then again, stories can be simple, characters come alive and maybe one of us will win the lottery.

Love the intro to Faded Paper Figures’ bio page:

“Bands typically break up after college.  People move away, grow apart, or just shrivel up and get jobs.  It was good while it lasted, right?  But what happens when the music is so good, the band’s listeners so devout, the ambition to keep creating so strong that even the time-draining power of day jobs can’t get in the way?  Such is the story of Faded Paper Figures.”

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