Bangers and Mash, D-Man

LCD Soundsystem – Dance Yrself Clean

Front man, James Murphy, took the stage dressed in a full suit and grey stubble. He looked more like a sociology professor than the lead singer of an electro punk rock band. Driving around campus before the show, my friends and I spotted him cruising around on his five speed bike. We hooted at him but he barely seemed to notice. He was smiling at the corn fields that line upstate New York.

LCD Soundsystem took Hamilton College by force that night. The crowd, half naked, flailed to the music of a band with 1/16 the sex appeal of the house DJ’s dominating frat house playlists. But James Murphy knew what he was doing. The slow, plodding intro of Dance Yrslf Clean blew up into a cacophony of drums and outer space synths.

About a year later, Dance Yrself Clean re-appeared in JP Auclair’s street segment. The Canadian ski phenom and creative mastermind turned a sleepy suburban town into his outdoor playground. He hops over cars, flies down railings and pulls a back flip over someone’s Chevy, before taking the bus up the hill to do it again.

Tragically, JP Auclair passed away this week when he was caught in an avalanche while skiing in a remote region of Chile. He was a huge inspiration to skiers across the globe. His collaborations with Chris Benchetler (skiing in Northern Japan) will always be at the top of my list of favorite ski videos.


And please, please listen to how good LCD Soundsystem is live.


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