Bangers and Mash, Chayed Out, D-Man

Embrace – Pnau

Last Thursday Jordy Smith won the 2014 Hurley Pro in glassy conditions at Lower Trestles. The South African beat the veteran, Kelly Slater, and then the prodigy, John John Florence, for the title. To honor his win, I re-watched one of my favorite surf films Stranger Than Fictiona Taylor Steele production featuring some of the best shredders in the world.

The surfing is fantastic, but even if videos of Clay Marzo doing insane lay back turns aren’t your bread and butter, you’ll enjoy the sound track. Do surf directors also put together the sound track? I’ve always wondered how that works. If they do, then Pandora needs a Taylor Steele channel.

Among a handful of gems, Embrace by Pnau sticks out. My initial reaction was that it sounded eerily similar to an Empire of the Sun track. But after doing a little research, I realized Embrace was released in 2008, when I was in High School yelling Sweat Drip Down My Balls! at High School dances.

So I stand corrected, Empire of the Sun sounds like Pnau.

Jordy rips! Lekker!


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