Chayed Out, D-Man

Yuna – Falling

Released in 2013, Falling is nearly a year old. When I first heard it, I wasn’t overly impressed. Yet, suddenly I’ve found that its taken on new relevance. Strange that a year ago it washed over me without leaving a trace. But like anything, music happens within the context of the present. Timing, setting and source all affect the way we hear a song.

For whatever reason, Yuna’s Falling is now on repeat. And perhaps it’s not a bad thing when we don’t get instant gratification from a song.

“Sometimes it’s a little too easy to get to a song: think, type, retrieve. What about calling up your friend, making him drive you to the record store, waiting patiently behind the guy who won’t move away from the “B” bin, and then flipping through to see what Beach Boys records (or Beastie Boys or Brothers Johnson or Buckingham Nicks) are left? All of that’s gone now. And, counterintuitively, because it’s gone, it’s harder and harder to truly fall in love with a song or album. What was your cost of entry? How hard did you have to work? Which leaves the ultimate question: How do you build a relationship with music? How do you find your way to those songs that draw you in and—like Eddie Floyd and Mavis Staples said in a song I heard just yesterday on a randomly shuffled playlist—never never let you go?”

– Excerpt from Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson’s “How to Find Music You’ll Fall in Love With”




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