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Mac Miller, “Faces” Mixtape

Mac is back, and he returns with another mix-tape that furthers his legacy as one of the most clever, talented, and unusual lyricists behind a microphone today.

“Faces”, Mac’s 7th mix-tape, tells his story of stardom (“Here We Go”), drug-use (“Angel Dust”), addiction, heart-break, and recovery (“Diablo”). The album listens like a book, and is littered with star-studed appearances from voices such as ScHoolboy Q, Rick Ross (“Insomniak”), and Michael Jones.

Garnering over a million downloads in its first week, “Faces” affirms Mac, the pale Jewish kid from Pittsburgh, as one of greatest rapper’s today.

So on that next long walk to work or roady to see the boys, toss this baby on the headphones and let Mac Miller come with you.





Download Link: http://oldjewish.com/


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