François’ Aftermath

Musical Preferences?

Insofar as all this electro-smooth-loud-subtle music goes, I lean heavily on the sounds coming out of England and Australia and their legion. This is the kind of music I like to listen to, ear-buds in, walking through NYC. Artists such as Clean Bandit, Sohn, Perseus, Mount Kimbie, Efterklang, Friendly Fires, & XXYYXX have been on heavy rotation of late

Sucker for…?

Pop music. And I mean those powerfully derived and so, so danceable jams by Avicii, Katy, all of them. Pop-folk too, but that may be betraying too much of my own sensibilities.

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4 thoughts on “François

  1. […] Toro Y Moi, a University of South Carolina grad with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, needs no introduction to The Aftermath. He’s a regular here. We should probably just give the guy a log in already. He also happens to look a hell of a lot like one of our very own bloggers, Francoise. […]

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